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The Story Behind The Brand

My name is Jason Redmon, and I created the "Be Undeniable" brand during my senior year football season 2022 to share my personal journey in sports. My parents own R7 Customs LLC and through my high school internship, I had the opportunity to work with R7 Customs and learned a lot about creating a brand. I drafted the logo design in my graphic design class, and the Gorilla along with the statement together symbolizes what it means to be undeniable. When you see a Gorilla in the room, you can't deny its presence. Growing up in sports, there were moments when I felt doubted and lacked belief from others, which caused me to lose confidence in myself. On top of that, I had to undergo two surgeries during high school due to a dentigerous sinus cyst, fortunately non-cancerous, which set me back significantly. As if that wasn't enough, I experienced a serious accident during a 7-on-7 practice at the end of my junior year. Colliding heads with a teammate resulted in hairline fractures in my cheeks and nasal bones, making me feel like a failure. I even expressed this feeling to my parents, thinking I had let them down. However, my parents refused to accept that mindset. Once I recovered, I wasted no time and got back to work. I worked with trainers on footwork drills and attended camps throughout the entire summer leading up to my senior year. I poured myself into my training, leaving no doubt that when my moment came, I belonged on the field. Establishing this brand was my way of sharing my message and story with other athletes who have faced disbelief from others. The phrase "Be Undeniable" serves as a powerful reminder for them to have unwavering confidence and stay true to themselves, not just in sports but in life as well. With my premium clothing and products, my goal is to inspire others to embrace "Be Undeniable" as a way of life too. As they wear my products, I hope they feel empowered and motivated to overcome challenges and embrace their own undeniable greatness.

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Be Undeniable is more than a brand, it is a life style